Why we are here:

Attainable Hospitality exists to provide encouragement, inspiration, and resources so that anyone can feel capable of extending God-honoring hospitality to those around them. We believe that fellowship and community are key components that help us stay focused on our walks with God, so creating environments where this can happen is our ultimate goal.

Why you are here:

Maybe you are looking for a Bible study to do with your friends or church group. Maybe you are looking for menu ideas to serve at an upcoming event. Maybe you are looking for some soul-food for yourself. Or maybe you are looking for the courage to invite someone to your home! No matter your reason for coming to this site, welcome! We pray you find something of value!

About Amy

My name is Amy, and I love ministry! It brings me such joy to host events where people can be fed both physically and spiritually. But beyond that, I have a passion for inspiring others to minister with what they’ve been given. Instead of waiting until we feel ready to serve, let’s use what we already have! Creating an opportunity for fellowship doesn’t have to intimidating or difficult. In fact, when we ask God to bless our efforts, Christian hospitality can be quite attainable!

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