Coming up with the right combination of foods to serve doesn’t have to be difficult. I enjoy planning menus for ladies brunches, birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and more! I’ll walk you through what I have served, and my thought process behind it. Hopefully you will be inspired to create the perfect menu for your event!

February Brunch Menu

For the ladies brunch on Saturday, I had a variety of guests and a variety of foods! We had 20 women, ages ranging from early 20s to 50s/60s! It was a nice time of fellowship, and I think each woman walked away encouraged in the way they needed. I had folding tables set up outside, […]

Strategies for Designing a Menu

I’m probably (definitely!) a weirdo, but I love menu planning. My husband makes fun of me, because I will sometimes go so far as to make an Excel spreadsheet to plan a menu. Usually, however, I just stick with the notes feature of my phone. We frequently feed crowds of up to 50+ people in […]