Upcoming/Most Recent “Remain” Events:

Jacksonville, NC: May 21, 2022

About the Study:

It began as a personal meditation on John 15. Then it evolved into a 3 day women’s conference at my house. It further became an online/virtual study connecting women who could not meet up in person. And now it “remains” available to be used at additional conferences or small group settings.

The purpose of the Remain Study is to encourage others to understand both the simplicity and depth of what it means to “remain” in Jesus. We look at different pieces of wisdom that Jesus talks about in John 15:1-8 and seek to glean insight through prayerfully approaching God. The study is broken into five sections: Introduction, Knowing the Gardener, Bearing Fruit, Remaining in Jesus, and the Conclusion. After each of the three middle sections is a “choose your own adventure” style Troubleshooting Session. These are designed to challenge the person in a specific way, based on the season of life they are in.

For example, after the section, “Knowing the Gardener”, the Troubleshooting Sessions are centered around a theme of when to call upon the Gardener (God) for help. The first option is about dealing with sin, the second is about dealing with the world around us, and the third is about receiving help prioritizing God’s will above our own. A person selects which is most relevant to their current situation, and then can go through the reflection questions in order to make God-honoring progress in that area.

In John 15, Jesus doesn’t command us to grow, or even command us to bear fruit. Instead, He tells us to “remain” in Him. He is confident that His nature flowing through us will bring growth and truth. Our focus should always be on our connection to Him, not on works or accomplishments. His will will be done when we simply “remain”, with the works and fruit following naturally.

The “Remain” Study Guide is available on Amazon for $7. It is an 81 page paperback book with some of the main points of the study, room for notes, reflection questions, and “troubleshooting sessions” to address specific issues we face.

Contact me directly for bulk pricing, or if you would like me to assist in putting on a conference.

Garden Talk Videos

When doing the virtual study, since the ladies couldn’t walk to my garden with me, I brought it to them! Here are the simple garden videos I created to share some of what God taught me in John 15. There is one for each of the five sections of the study.

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Knowing the Gardener
Section 3: Bearing Fruit
Section 4: Remaining in Jesus
Section 5: Conclusion